Library 14- Working with SDRAM on STM32F429 Discovery

STM32F429 Discovery board has external 64Mbits or 8MBytes SDRAM chip ISSI IS42S16400.

STM32F429 has a FMC (Flexible Memory Control) peripheral to driving external SDRAM with hardware. FMC hardware is able to store up to 32bits variables at same time.

External SDRAM capatibilities
Variable size Max value Max address Max variables stored
8bit 0xFF 0x7FFFFF 8388608
16bit 0xFFFF 0x7FFFFE 4194304
32bit 0xFFFFFFFF 0x7FFFFC 2097152

Note: This library does not work on STM32F4 Discovery, because this MCU does not have FMC peripheral.

8MByte is a lot for that microcontroller, but can be very useful if you are working with LCD (storing images, …) which can increase LCD’s refresh rate.

In Standard Peripheral libraries pack is also included FMC example for SDRAM. I modified settings for our board and make a simple library.

SDRAM library


  • Operates with external 64Mb SDRAM
  • Functions to read/write 8, 16 or 32bit variable at a time
  • Version 1.1 – November 23, 2014
    • Functions for read/write are now defined as macros. This allows you to increase speed performance because you don’t need to call functions and put data to the stack
  • Supports STM32F429-Discovery or STM324x9-EVAL boards


    • STM32F4xx
    • STM32F4xx RCC
    • STM32F4xx GPIO
    • STM32F4xx FMC
  • TM
    • TM GPIO
    • defines.h
    • attributes.h

STM324x9-EVAL support

By default, library is designed for low cost STM32F429-Discovery board. If you want to use this library on STM324x9-EVAL board, open defines.h file and add define:


As always, here is the same. First we have to initialize SDRAM library. This is done with

Function returns 1 if sdram was properly initialized, to check this, function just simple write data to SDRAM’s location and read it back. If they are the same, everything is OK.

Write operation

For writing data to SDRAM I made 3 functions.

Read operation


Project available on Github, download library below.


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