ESP8266 AT parser library ALPHA version released

After some time, I have uploaded first release “ALPHA” for testing. Library is not public, but it is precompiled for GCC and MDK-ARM for STM32F4xx only.


To see, how to use library, download my Github repository¬†and open project in keil uVision. If you don’t have it, you can use main.c to see how to use library.


  • HEAP must be at least 16k for proper working at the moment
  • STACK must be at least 1k for proper working
  • I used ESP-07 module with 8Mbit flash size, which is needed for latest AT commands firmware (0.52)
  • everything you need to know how to flash new firmware to ESP module and where to get it.


For testing, I used this pinou

PA2 USART 2 user debug output Baudrate for debug is 921600 bauds
PA3 USART 2 user input not needed
PA9 TX from STM to RX to ESP module Communication between STM and ESP is default, 115200 bauds
PA10 TX from ESP to RX to STM
PA0 RESET for ESP module

Libraries download

Download libraries pack here as well as all dependencies which are needed.

Download log from ESP and STM for example

If there is someone who will make this project for GCC (Coocox or SW4STM32), let me know and I will upload it here or on Github account.

I’m waiting for your feedbacks.


Library is available for download here.


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