IC Locker – Online inventory for your IC components

I have started with new project, called IC-Locker for storing electronic components in online inventory and manage them properly so you always know how many components you have, which one you need to order and many more.

Start on IC-Locker.com website.

Some key features on this project are listed below:

  • Easily manage your collections of components so you always know what you are missing.
  • Share your collections with your colleagues and coworkers.
  • Organize all components by elements, categories, properties and put them in collections.
  • The app will remind you which components are running low: yellow for almost out of stock and red for out of stock.
  • Add the information from your favourite component store and manage orders right from the app.
  • List all your products and connect elements with them.
  • Many more.

Website requires a new login for each user where you will get your profile and access to make first collection to store all your elements and everything inside.

Start on IC-Locker.com website.

I’m still working on website so any new feature requests are welcome.


Owner of this site. Application engineer, currently employed by STMicroelectronics. Exploring latest technologies and owner of different libraries posted on Github.

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