Welcome to the stm32f4-discovery.net website. This website was designed to make great source of tutorials and libraries for the beginners. I’m trying to develop libraries and/or tutorials for content that I think is hard to be understood for beginners.

To be able to use my things, you need one of STM32F4 series microcontroller (MCU) for Standard peripheral drivers based libraries or STM32F4, STM32F7 or STM32F0 based board to use my HAL based drivers included in STM32Cube package. I suggest, that you buy one of the following starter boards:

  • STM32F401 Discovery
  • STM32F4 Discovery
  • STM32F429 Discovery
  • Nucleo F401
  • Nucleo F411
  • STM32F7 Discovery
  • Nucleo F091
  • Or any other supported with my libs.

Using one of these boards, you have anything you need to start.

All my STM boards

I own a lot of STM based development boards, most of them provided directly from ST. Below is list of all my boards:

  • Nucleo F091
  • Nucleo L152
  • Nucleo F103
  • Nucleo F401
  • Nucleo F411
  • Nucleo F446
  • F401-Discovery
  • F4-Discovery
  • F411-Discovery
  • F429-Discovery
  • F439-EVAL
  • F746-Discovery
  • L476-Discovery

About Tilen

Please check my website for contact me.