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Locked OTP Bytes 7

Library 49- One-Time programmable (OTP) bytes on STM32F4

STm32F4xx devices have OTP (One-Time-Programmable) bytes. They can be used for permanent store of configuration data for your device. Bytes are structured in 16 data blocks where each block has 32 data bytes of available memory. There is also 17th block with 16 bytes of data. His “work” is to store information about states of data block, because you can lock each block forever even if it is totally empty. Important notes: When you write data to specific OTP location...

Library 45- Interface backup SRAM on STM32F4 7

Library 45- Interface backup SRAM on STM32F4

Almost all (with few exceptions) STM32F4xx MCUs have internal backup SRAM, which stores data, if power is available at least on Vbat rails. These MCUs have internal 4-kBytes of SRAM. Backup SRAM can be also used as EEPROM, if your Vbat supply is always active, so you can store data which will stay there also if you reset your device. You just have to make sure that you don’t shut down your power supply or re-write them during startup sequence of MCU. Difference...