Monthly Archive: March 2015

Library 54- General library for STM32F4xx devices 5

Library 54- General library for STM32F4xx devices

For 54th lib I decided to make it’s name to be “General”. With this name I mean that in this library, a lot of different stuff, maybe unrelated between, but very useful things will be implemented. It allows you to make software reset, get reset source, disable or enable global interrupts (NVIC) and more. It will be updated frequently but for now it’s just a start to use it in your projects. Library Features Support for software reset with callback...

Libraries API 0

Launching STM32F4xx libraries API

I have already add some links to my site. I started libraries API last week, but it wasn’t fully done for all libraries, and it is not already but it’s almost done. So, what is it going about. I use Doxygen style for commenting my libs and this powerful tool generates me a nice documentation for online purposes. Click here for documentation and API My goal is to get thing clear about functions/macros in my libs. I hope you will...

Library 53- GPIO for STM32F4 14

Library 53- GPIO for STM32F4

GPIO is main thing when connecting your device with external things. As you know, ST started with HAL drivers and they want to remove STD periph drivers on which I’m working on this site. So this is a next step, how to be independent of things you use. GPIO is used everywhere on my libs, and most problems will be with porting GPIO stuff to new system (when it will be need for that). I will start to migrate all...