STM32U5 – DMA for UART TX and RX

STMicroelectronics last STM32 release was with STM32U5 series, in Q4 2021. Product focus are extreme ultra-low-power features, enhanced security, integration, size and performance.

Its advanced integration and performance options are key driver for new innovative silicon IPs. Product integrates new and most advanced DMA block ever seen in any of STM32 lines.

Online training is available here.

Key new DMA features

  • Linked List : Define next configuration after first has been completed
  • Option to work in low-power modes
  • Selectable buses for data and peripheral
  • Automatic copy-paste of register description
  • Dedicated AN5593 application note

With its disruptive structure, I have updated my well known Github post about implementing DMA and UART for RX use case – important when you do not know in advance number of bytes to receive and process.

New example is ready to demonstrate code & application setup and runs on NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q board. Follow the link below to access Github project.

View code on Github

Small code excerpt linked to DMA configuration. Github provides full example ready to build with STM32CubeIDE or CMake (w/ GCC compiler).



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