TM STM32Fxxx HAL Libraries  v1.0.0
Libraries for STM32Fxxx (F0, F4 and F7 series) devices based on HAL drivers from ST from Tilen Majerle

RTC Library for STM32Fxxx devices - More...


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Detailed Description

RTC Library for STM32Fxxx devices -

- Support Internal or external clock source
  - PC14 and PC15 pins are used for external crystal oscillator
  - STM32F4/429 Discovery does not have RTC crystal onboard. Check board's manual on how to set it up
- Support wakeup interrupt
- Support to set 2 internal alarms to trigger interrupts
  - They can also wake up STM32Fxxx from any low power mode
- Get seconds from 01.01.1970 00:00:00
- Get readable time from seconds from 01.01.1970 00:00:00
- Support to save/get data in binary or BCD format
- Support for read/write data to/from RTC backup registers
- Support for subsecond
- Support to write data in string format
- Date and time are checked before saved for valid input data
- Get days in month and year
Pinout for RTC external 32768Hz crystal
 STM32Fxxx  Oscillator   Description
 PC14       OSC1         Oscillator terminal 1
 PC15       OSC2         Oscillator terminal 2
 Version 1.0
   - First release
 - STM32Fxxx HAL
 - defines.h
 - attributes.h