TM STM32Fxxx HAL Libraries  v1.0.0
Libraries for STM32Fxxx (F0, F4 and F7 series) devices based on HAL drivers from ST from Tilen Majerle

DMA TX functionality for USART for STM32F4xx or STM32F7xx devices - More...


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Detailed Description

DMA TX functionality for USART for STM32F4xx or STM32F7xx devices -

This library allows you to send data over USART with DMA feature.

It is great feature because you can do other stuff while DMA sends data to USART.

It is designed only for TX data from MCU to other world. For RX, TM_USART library already uses RXNE (RX Not Empty) interrupts when data is available and there is no need for RX DMA too right now.

This library works for STM32F4xx and STM32F7xx series only.
Default stream and channel settings

Library uses default settings for DMA TX Stream and Channel settings. But it may happen that your USART DMA is on the same stream and DMA as something other you need. You are able to use custom Stream and Channel using TM_USART_DMA_InitWithStreamAndChannel() function.

All possible DMA Streams and Channels for USART TX DMA can be found in STM32F4xx Reference manual.

Default DMA streams and channels:

USARTx     | DMA  | DMA Stream   | DMA Channel

USART1     | DMA2 | DMA Stream 7 | DMA Channel 4
USART2     | DMA1 | DMA Stream 6 | DMA Channel 4
USART3     | DMA1 | DMA Stream 3 | DMA Channel 4
UART4      | DMA1 | DMA Stream 4 | DMA Channel 4
UART5      | DMA1 | DMA Stream 7 | DMA Channel 4
USART6     | DMA2 | DMA Stream 6 | DMA Channel 5
UART7      | DMA1 | DMA Stream 1 | DMA Channel 5
UART8      | DMA1 | DMA Stream 0 | DMA Channel 5
 Version 1.0
  - First release
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