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VScode in debug mode 0

TouchGFX simulator development in Visual Studio Code with CMake

Likely you have heard before about Visual Studio Code, shortly vscode (or even vsc), a powerful and extension-based text editor. Being open source and with support for many languages (through extensions) developers simply love it. On the other hand, TouchGFX is one of the most advanced graphics stacks for embedded systems. It is FREE for any STM32 application, let it be simply UI with no touch or more sophisticated GUI with 800×480 pixels (or more) with mobile-like UI design. TouchGFX graphic...

STemWin on STM32F429-Discovery board 77

Library 50- STemWin for STM32F429-Discovery

ST provides emWin library from Segger. It is professional GUI (Graphical User Interface), optimized for speed and performance for microcontrollers. ST has it’s own implementation, called STemWin. With this GUI, you can do many thing, of use simple buttons, dialogs, text boxes, to playing videos, displaying pictures, menus, etc. I suggest you that you go to segger’s website and read more about this very useful tool. In my library, I’ve some changes from original ST’s example for STM32F429-Discovery board, because...