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HAL Library 27- Identification for STM32Fxxx 1

HAL Library 27- Identification for STM32Fxxx

If you wanna take a control on your software (secure your software by selecting package you want, device you want and others) you can identify STM32Fxxx device. This library allows you to read several things from device, like unique ID, flash size, package type, device type and maybe more. I’ve ported my old library to HAL based drivers, which now supports STM32F0xx, STM32F4xx and STM32F7xx series. Library Read more about new HAL libraries Features Read device type with software, Read...

STM32F4 identification example result 5

Library 44- STM32F4 unique ID and flash size

STM32F4xx devices have some parts in memory, which are read only and store some information about device. You can use them to protect your program if it is stolen from memory, or to tell programmer/debugger which device is connected with and detect flash size. This library covers 4 things you can read from device: Device signature Device signature is something that you probably want to know when you are working with some device. This feature returns you 16-bit length device...

All STM32F4 libraries 128

All STM32F4 libraries

Because there is a lot of libraries I have done, I will make a table with all of my libraries at one place. When new library will be created, it will be posted here. These libraries work on both Discovery boards, if not, it will be specified. Actually, libraries should work on STM32F4xx series of microcontrollers if they have peripherals that are need for library. All STM32F4xx MCUs don’t have everything inside. 🙂 Libraries are tested on my 4 STM32F4...