TM STM32Fxxx HAL Libraries  v1.0.0
Libraries for STM32Fxxx (F0, F4 and F7 series) devices based on HAL drivers from ST from Tilen Majerle
TM_GPS_t Struct Reference

Main GPS data structure. More...

#include <tm_stm32_gps.h>

Data Fields

float Latitude
float Longitude
float Altitude
uint8_t Satellites
uint8_t Fix
TM_GPS_Time_t Time
TM_GPS_Date_t Date
float Speed
uint8_t Validity
float Direction
float HDOP
float PDOP
float VDOP
uint8_t FixMode
uint8_t SatelliteIDs [12]
uint8_t SatellitesInView
TM_GPS_Satellite_t SatDesc [30]
TM_GPS_Result_t Status
TM_GPS_Custom_tCustomStatements [GPS_CUSTOM_NUMBER]
uint8_t CustomStatementsCount

Detailed Description

Main GPS data structure.

Field Documentation

float Altitude

Altitude above the seain units of meters

TM_GPS_Custom_t* CustomStatements[GPS_CUSTOM_NUMBER]

Array of pointers for custom GPS NMEA statements, selected by user. You can use GPS_CUSTOM_NUMBER number of custom statements

uint8_t CustomStatementsCount

Number of custom GPS statements selected by user

Current data from GPS. TM_GPS_Date_t.

float Direction

Course on the ground in relation to North.

uint8_t Fix

GPS fix; 0: Invalid; 1: GPS Fix; 2: DGPS Fix.

uint8_t FixMode

Current fix mode in use:; 1: Fix not available; 2: 2D; 3: 3D.

float HDOP

Horizontal dilution of precision.

float Latitude

Latitude position from GPS, -90 to 90 degrees response.

float Longitude

Longitude position from GPS, -180 to 180 degrees response.

float PDOP

Position dilution od precision.

TM_GPS_Satellite_t SatDesc[30]

Description of each satellite in view

uint8_t SatelliteIDs[12]

Array with IDs of satellites in use. Only first data are valid, so if you have 5 satellites in use, only SatelliteIDs[4:0] are valid

uint8_t Satellites

Number of satellites in use for GPS position.

uint8_t SatellitesInView

Number of satellites in view

float Speed

Speed in knots from GPS.

GPS result. This parameter is value of TM_GPS_Result_t

Current time from GPS. TM_GPS_Time_t.

uint8_t Validity

GPS validation; 1: valid; 0: invalid.

float VDOP

Vertical dilution of precision.