TM STM32F4xx Libraries  v1.0.0
Libraries for STM32F4xx devices from Tilen Majerle
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 C__FILEFile structure for stdio stream output
 C_TM_BUTTON_tButton private structure
 CTM_AM2301_Data_tAM2301 main data structure
 CTM_BMP180_tBMP180 main structure
 CTM_DELAY_Timer_tCustom timer structure
 CTM_DMA2DGRAPHIC_INT_Conf_tConfiguration structure
 CTM_DMA2DRAPHIC_Poly_tStructure for polygon line
 CTM_DS1307_Time_tStructure for date/time
 CTM_ETHERNETPOST_tPOST request structure
 CTM_FATFS_Size_tFATFS size structure
 CTM_FFT_F32_tFFT main structure for 32-bit float
 CTM_FontDef_tFont structure used on my LCD libraries
 CTM_FONTS_SIZE_tString length and height
 CTM_GENERAL_Float_tFloat number operation structure
 CTM_GPS_Custom_tCustom NMEA statement and term, selected by user
 CTM_GPS_Date_tDate struct for GPS date
 CTM_GPS_Distance_tGPS Distance and bearing struct
 CTM_GPS_Float_tGPS float structure
 CTM_GPS_Satellite_tSatellite in view description structure
 CTM_GPS_tMain GPS data structure
 CTM_GPS_Time_tTime structure for GPS
 CTM_HCSR04_tHC-SR04 working structure
 CTM_L3GD20_tL3GD20 main working structure
 CTM_MPU6050_tMain MPU6050 structure
 CTM_OneWire_tOneWire working struct
 CTM_PWM_TIM_tPWM Timer data
 CTM_PWMIN_tPWM Input working struct
 CTM_RCC_PLL_tPLL structure with settings for read and write operations
 CTM_RE_tRotary main working structure
 CTM_RTC_AlarmTime_tRTC structure for alarm time
 CTM_RTC_tRTC Struct for date/time
 CTM_SERVO_tServo structure
 CTM_STMPE811_tMain structure, which is passed into TM_STMPE811_ReadTouch function
 CTM_STRING_tMain string structure
 CTM_TCPCLIENT_tClient structure, passed as first parameter in all client based callback functions
 CTM_TIMER_PROPERTIES_tStructure for timer data
 CTM_USB_HIDDEVICE_Gamepad_tGame pad structure for 2 game pads available
 CTM_USB_HIDDEVICE_Keyboard_tKeyboard structure
 CTM_USB_HIDDEVICE_Mouse_tMouse structure, to work with mouse
 CTM_USB_HIDHOST_Keyboard_tUSB HID Host keyboard structure
 CTM_USB_HIDHOST_Mouse_tUSB HID Host mouse structure
 CTM_USB_VCP_Settings_tStructure for USART if you are working USB/UART converter with STM32F4xx