HAL library 09- GENERAL for STM32Fxxx

With this name I mean that in this library, a lot of different stuff, maybe unrelated between, but very useful things will be implemented.

It allows you to make software reset, get reset source, disable or enable global interrupts (NVIC) and more.

It will be updated frequently but for now it’s just a start to use it in your projects.


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  • Support for software reset with callback
  • Get reset source, what resets your MCU
  • Disable or enable global NVIC interrupts
  • Get different clock speeds in your system
  • Operate with DWT counter inside Cortex-M4/M7 CPU
    • Precise delay using DWT timer
  • Check if number is odd or even or if it is power of 2
  • Round float numbers
  • Convert float number to integer and decimal parts


  • HAL
  • TM
    • STM32Fxxx HAL
    • defines.h

Functions and enumerations


Project is available on my Github, download all libraries below.


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