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HAL Library 07- USART for STM32Fxxx 56

HAL Library 07- USART for STM32Fxxx

Here it is. UART library for HAL based libraries. If you don’t know, how UART work on STM32Fxxx devices, then you might take a look at my first library, where I also explained how to used it. This library works successfully on F4 and F7 based devices for now. I will add support for F0 too as soon as possible. Library Read more about new HAL libraries Features Supports up to 8 UART peripherals at a time Interrupt driven RX...

All STM32 HAL libraries 106

All STM32 HAL libraries

In this section, I will write all libraries based on HAL drivers from ST. If you see this first time, make sure you read this post first about how structure of my libs looks like! License All my softwares are published under MIT license. This means that you are allow to modify, share and use my source and other stuff in personal or commercial use. If you modify source code, it has to stay under GNU GPL v3 license too. I...

Program STM32F4 with UART 14

Program STM32F4 with UART

STM32F4 devices have great feature. They can be programed with only USB to UART converter. Each device has bootloader inside, which supports UART programming. This is not very great method for Discovery boards, because they have better and faster solution on board, ST-link. But if you are working own board, then this solution can be quite nice. In this tutorial, I will go through step-by-step how to program device with USB->UART converter. I will use FTDI’s home made converter. This...