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FatFs library extended for SDRAM 6

FatFs library extended for SDRAM

As mentioned at the beginning of post about FATFS with SDCARD, I’ve updated library to extend support for SDRAM on STM32F429-Discovery or STM324x9-EVAL board. Low level functions have been added in library for write/read data ti SDRAM. SDRAM set up To use SDRAM with my FATFS library, you will need to include my SDRAM library, which implements low level functions for read/write in SDRAM and initialization process.  Next thing, you need to do, is to open defines.h configuration file and...

STemWin on STM32F429-Discovery board 77

Library 50- STemWin for STM32F429-Discovery

ST provides emWin library from Segger. It is professional GUI (Graphical User Interface), optimized for speed and performance for microcontrollers. ST has it’s own implementation, called STemWin. With this GUI, you can do many thing, of use simple buttons, dialogs, text boxes, to playing videos, displaying pictures, menus, etc. I suggest you that you go to segger’s website and read more about this very useful tool. In my library, I’ve some changes from original ST’s example for STM32F429-Discovery board, because...

Library 14- Working with SDRAM on STM32F429 Discovery 53

Library 14- Working with SDRAM on STM32F429 Discovery

STM32F429 Discovery board has external 64Mbits or 8MBytes SDRAM chip ISSI IS42S16400. STM32F429 has a FMC (Flexible Memory Control) peripheral to driving external SDRAM with hardware. FMC hardware is able to store up to 32bits variables at same time. External SDRAM capatibilities Variable size Max value Max address Max variables stored 8bit 0xFF 0x7FFFFF 8388608 16bit 0xFFFF 0x7FFFFE 4194304 32bit 0xFFFFFFFF 0x7FFFFC 2097152 Note: This library does not work on STM32F4 Discovery, because this MCU does not have FMC peripheral....