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Overclock STM32F4 device up to 250MHz 21

Overclock STM32F4 device up to 250MHz

Let’s test what STM32F4xx devices can do. I have all “4 speedĀ families” at home so why not to try it how fast we can go. By default, for those who don’t know max frequencies for STM32F4xx devices, they are in list below: 84MHz: STM32F401 MCUs, including Nucleo-F401 board 100MHz: STM32F411 MCUs, including Nucleo F411 board 168MHz: STM32F405/7 and STM32F415/17 MCUs, including STM32F4-Discovery board 180MHz: STM32F427/29 and STM32F437/39 MCUs, including STM32F429-Discovery board Ok, we have everything provided, let’s test how far...

Library 38- External interrupts for STM32F4 31

Library 38- External interrupts for STM32F4

A new library is here. 38th are external interrupts. This library allows you to very easly use external interrupts for your needs with just one function and function handler. I have written everything you need to start. For more informations on how external interrupts works on STM32F4 with pins and lines and so on, you should look at my external interrupts tutorial. I tried explain there everything as best as I can. I think it’s quite understandable. I will just...