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STM32CubeMX embedded software libraries 0

Manage embedded software libraries with STM32CubeMX

Starting with STM32CubeMX version 4.27.0 ST added an option to manage embedded software libraries directly into CubeMX and have fully integrated graphical tool to configure project into very details before building application in final toolchain (Keil, IAR, TrueSTUDIO, …). Embedded software libraries are libraries (also) provided by STMicroelectronics. You will notice them with X-CUBE-library_name name format, like X-CUBE-MEMS1 which is complete solution for ST MEMS sensors. Steps to follow To enable embedded libraries to be added to CubeMX, please follow steps, explained...

HAL library 3- DELAY for STM32Fxxx 17

HAL library 3- DELAY for STM32Fxxx

Delay functions are needed in your program, no matter how optimized and fast program you wanna do. Delay functions I’ve updated my delay library to support milliseconds and microseconds delays. Milliseconds based delay is done using systick timer which makes interrupts every 1ms generated by HAL library. For microseconds based delay, DWT cycle counter is used to get maximal optimized delay. DWT unit is for F4 and F7 only, F0 series does not have DWT, because of Cortex-M0. Software timers...