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HAL Library 32- DMA extension for USART on STM32Fxxx 2

HAL Library 32- DMA extension for USART on STM32Fxxx

USART DMA library allows you to send data via USART in non-blocking mode. It is designed only for TX mode, because my USART library already uses RX interrupts and DMA RX is not necessary for that purpose. This library is extension for my USART library. It requires USART library as basic to make this to work. Library Read more about HAL libraries Features USART extension for non-blocking TX mode Supports all U(S)ART peripherals on STM32F4 and STM32F7 device Supports TX...

Library 55- Extend USART with TX DMA 11

Library 55- Extend USART with TX DMA

Here is a great feature for USART. I’ve made an extension library for USART (and for SPI will come soon) to use DMA for TX data using USART. This can be very handy to use if you have a lot of work and not so many time using your STM32F4 device. I was thinking first about adding DMA RX functionality for USART too. But then I realize that my USART library by default uses RXNE (RX Not Empty) interrupt and...

All STM32F4 libraries 128

All STM32F4 libraries

Because there is a lot of libraries I have done, I will make a table with all of my libraries at one place. When new library will be created, it will be posted here. These libraries work on both Discovery boards, if not, it will be specified. Actually, libraries should work on STM32F4xx series of microcontrollers if they have peripherals that are need for library. All STM32F4xx MCUs don’t have everything inside. 🙂 Libraries are tested on my 4 STM32F4...