New STM32F7-Discovery board

After STM32F411-Nucleo, STM32F439-Eval board, ST sends me a new discovery board, STM32F7-Discovery.

This is a very powerful discovery board according to other series. It is also very big with a lot of features.

The STM32F7 discovery kit allows users to develop and share applications with the STM32F7 Series microcontollers based on ARM® Cortex®-M7 core.

The discovery kit enables a wide diversity of applications taking benefit from audio, multi-sensor support, graphics, security, video and high-speed connectivity features.

The Arduino connectivity support provides unlimited expansion capabilities with a large choice of specialized add-on boards.


Key features

Board does not include headers for all pins, but only some of them for Arduino shield if needed. But this is really not needed to have them all, because if you really need Cortex-M7 device, then you have everything provided on this discovery board:

  • 216MHz ARM Cortex-M7 STM32F746 in 216 BGA
  • 480×272 touch screen (capacitive) LCD connected to LTDC port of MCU
  • 2 digital microphones
  • Ethernet with LAN8720A connected via RMII
  • USB FS and USB HS with external PHY to get real HS speed of 480Mbps
  • Micro SD card connector
  • Camera connector
  • Audio input and output
  • External 64Mbit SDRAM connected via FMC
  • External 128Mbit FLASH connected via QSPI
  • STLink v2.1 for programming
  • Maybe I missed something because there is a lot of stuff 😉

First use

There is (as always) preinstalled software from ST. It features standard game, audio/video player, audio recorder, garden control, home alarm with camera if connected, VNC server and system info.

First feeling is very nice. I noticed that MCU gets REALLY hot after 10 minutes board is connected. Don’t know why 😀



So, I’m thinking about libraries for this board. What do you say?

If you never used ARM before, then please don’t start with this board learning it! It’s too heavy for first time.


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